SNR's Empirical Astro Logic System - "SNRSEAL"
Welcomes you to experience the power of Astrology!

"SNRSEAL" has been developed by more than one lakh hrs. of intensive research and it is for the real life experience of any and every moment. "SNRSEAL" requires not even the birth data or horoscope and Past & present can be verified moment by moment to know the future.

"SNRSEAL" is a fully systemized and self developing Astro System. It is not only for human being, even for non living things.  Some of the fields it can be used in a large scale are medical, human resource management, defence and educational sectors ...

A Few SNRSEAL Modules



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Astroflux is the astrological energy flow which controls the whole universe and this site is about it. is created and owned by S.N.Rajasekaran. The real and ultimate goal behind the launching of this site is to make every one to understand the real worth and use of astrology.


Be in touch with this site to see many Astroflux Graphs of the day to day events going to be updated time to time.


Astrological Counselling

Our Strategy on providing our service to our client stands unique! There are certain norms to be followed by the clients to get our service.

Astrological Research

Our constant and intensive full time research on astrology makes us stand apart !..


Software development

The find outs of our research being converted in to digital form in an innovative and exclusive way as softwares...


Real Time Astro Solutions

We offer Real Time Astrological Solutions through our array of innovative and intelligent, state-of-the-art astro logic programs to our premium clients. We have a best in class Astro Systems that vigorously gather data that we harness to improve the quality and result of our clients' efforts.